Automate your theatre room with our home automation and home theatre control systems that completely interacts with you. Get into the theatre room to indulge in a new movie experience with just a single tap playing your favourite movie from the movie list stored in the database.

*Once you rest back on the couch and select the movie, you will observe the Projector getting to its position, screen rolling down and the lights getting dim.
* Pause the movie for an intermission and notice the room get lit to the desired brightness that is pre-customized
* Got to go out of the theatre room in the middle of the play? Get up, walk away from you seat, you will notice the movie has been paused and the floor’s LED lights up to show you the way. The play starts automatically once you get settled in your place again and you are once again immersed in your built in home sound system.


Controller EA-1


Designed for an exceptional family room entertainment experience, the Control4 EA-1 Entertainment and Automation Controller is a home theatre automation controller does more than automate the gear around your TV; it is the ideal smart home starter system with entertainment built-in.

7” Touch Screen

Touch Screen

The 7″ Touch Screen with Camera delivers always-on, dedicated system control in a sleek tablet form-factor that works like media-centric iPad home theatre automation system or a tabletop touch screen for ultimate control and flexibility.

SR-260 Remote


Control entire home theatre remote control systems with this compact remote. Ditch all the other remotes in your house—this does it all.

Pressure sensor

Pressure Sensor

The Smart Pressure Sensor is an easy-to-use occupancy sensing solution for chairs, beds, and sofas and is a must for a complete home theatre automation system. Providing better results through customizable sensitivity, this next-generation sensor returns fewer false positives than others on the market, making it more suitable for a variety of home automation applications.

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