Smart home automation is the current trend that showcases the heights of technological advancement. A similar wave of technological upswing was made by the smartphones in the 2000’s completely eradicating the old cell phones. Now, in the 2010’s a new wave of smart home automation has made headlines with more and more homes opting for it. Many home automation companies in Chennai provide automation services for both residential and commercial buildings. Just check into one of these and be a part of the new trend, be updated and smart with a smart home. A smart home automation elevates the comfort factor, convenience of the residents and also imparts peace of mind.

A smart home automation refers to any appliances, devices or systems all of which can be connected by a mutual network and controlled independently by the use of remotes. When the whole networks within your home, work together on a single system, it is also called ‘connected home.’ For instance, all the appliances in your home like lights, fans, audio/ video systems, thermostat, security systems, Television, locks, etc. all are connected to a single common point which can be regulated easily using your smartphone or tablet. It makes life a lot easier and luxurious. Here are some of the benefits of smart home automation:


In the busy lifestyle of today where both the partners are working and managing home, convenience becomes an important factor. People need technological advancements to make their lives easier and convenient. When all the systems of a home are technologically connected and easily controlled using a smartphone, it becomes an easy task for the residents to switch off a heater they had forgotten while stepping out of the home. It would also be easy to open doors for a friend who had come to visit you without even getting off your bed. Thus life becomes much more convenient with the blink of an eye just by setting up smart home automation.


A smart home automation system is very flexible. It easily accommodates new appliances, devices or technologies. Technology is forever on the progress, and more and better appliances will be introduced every year. So the up to date most recent product you just bought yesterday might be old fashioned next year. A smart home system easily accommodates new devices and is very flexible. When you can quickly add new devices life becomes less complicated for any smart homeowner.

Advanced Security

A smart home network can easily accommodate many advanced security features which make your home fool-proof and secure. You can finally heave a sigh of relief that your house is in trustworthy hands. A smart home automation system can easily connect surveillance cameras, motion detectors, automated locks for doors, and also other security measures through which you can be sure that the house is secure to the core.

Power on your finger tips

Yes, just using your fingertips you can control the whole house. Isn’t that something great? You just need a remote control or maybe your smartphone to control all the functioning processes at your home. For example, after a long day under the scorching heat of the sun, while you are rushing back home, you can give your house orders to be all cooled up to welcome you home. Or, if you have already left home and boarded the bus, but just then you realized that you forgot to turn the iron off, you can just use your smartphone and switch off your iron sitting on the bus itself.

Thus, opt for a smart home automation system to make life easier, comfortable, secure and stress-free.