There are many things in a home which can be automated like cleaning, lightening, or temperature control, or alarm system by connecting it with devices which are used mostly by you. Achieving a total smart home in future is still a few years away, but now at this time, many big technology companies are competing with each other like Chennai home automation company, Google, Apple, Amazon to name a few to take a space in the technology world and provide the best solution for complete smart homes.

Following are few smart devices which can help in converting your home to smart home or automated home.

Getting Connected Through Chennai Automation System
To connect all your devices within your home covering an area of around 1000sq feet, you should have a good Wi-Fi connection. You can achieve this by using the best router which can cover a large area and penetrates through your wall easily. These Wi-Fi routers can help you in connecting all the smart devices and converting your home into a smart home.

Smart Doorbell By Chennai Automation System
Sometimes there may be a situation where you are not able to respond to a sudden doorbell. You can use your smart device to answer it. The smart device can not only see and talk through your phone but also record a video through motion sensor to be viewed later. This technology is very useful if you are expecting a courier and you are not available to answer at your door.

Smart Locking System For Your Home
Tired of always using a key to open the door? Automation system has introduced a new device called smart lock which just works with a touch of your finger. It involves a Bluetooth communication through your phone to unlock your door. Smart lock also has a provision of eKey, which can be used by a guest or relative visiting your home when you are not there. Smart locks are an add-on for your smart home.

Smart Cameras At Home
Having a camera at home makes you feel much more secure and comfortable. You can always have a check on your home when away for work or a vacation. Or you can always check your kids when not at home using these smart cameras. If anything is fishy, you can always use the siren system on your phone to alert the police. Videos taken by these cameras are stored in cloud system which can be accessed from anywhere anytime. So installing a smart camera at home can be the best option.

Smart Light Automation System
Now you can control lights at your home connecting them with WI-FI and phone devices. Yes, it’s true. Now you can control your lights at home by brightening or dimming or shutting off or on with the touch of your finger using your phone that too from anywhere and anytime. With technology advancing at a fast pace, these automation techniques have become a possibility in a very ease way.

Smart Cleaning Automation System
It takes lots of efforts and time in cleaning and mopping your home in a regular basis. So technology has come up with a new idea of inventing robots. Yes, robots can clean! Robot not only does the mopping and cleaning but also does it efficiently without any much hassle. Also, they have a mapping system to locate the furniture and move it. So you are free from cleaning by installing a smart cleaning system at your home.

Smart Window Shades Automation System
If you have minimal access to windows or many windows at your home, you can use automated or smart windows to do your work. Automated windows with a combination of WI-FI system and your phone can close and open accordingly.