Automated home systems are convenient and energy conserving. This cost effective and secure device is a must have for all homes. The advantages of home automation are obvious with the benefits overpowering the disadvantages. Home automation in Chennai has become crucial with the rise of a dual-income household, suburban living, and rise in crime rate. This foolproof security tool gives complete control of your home when you are away. The homeowners can monitor their home on their smartphones and send an alarm in case of an emergency situation. Irrespective of the location the homeowners connect with instantly through remote access facility.

Some of the benefits of home automation systems are listed below:

Lighting Control shoos away burglars
Lighting control is an integral part of the security system, as it can give a feel that someone is home all the time. Deter burglars with superior lighting technology. Even a vacant house may be made to look inhabited when lights are turned on and off at a particular time of the day. It creates an illusion that someone is home. At the swipe of a mobile device, the lights can be controlled in your home even when you are miles away.

Control the locks in your entry door
Wondering whether you have locked the door or left it open, the home automation system can help. Automated doors are the best solution to spend your day without any worries of home safety. If you have forgotten to latch the door, you can do it at the click of a button. Apart from giving you control of the locks at home, the automated door entry system informs you of any trespassing on your entry way. Personalized access codes are given to every household member. Alerts are sent to your smartphone when kids arrive from school. A text message gives access to your home and even informs you when a door is opened or closed.

Security cameras an eye for detail
Having security cameras at home is the best way to keep a watch on your house during your absence. You can get the best view of your home when you are away. Real time videos provide a valuable addition to the home security, especially during break-ins or attacks. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to check on pets, seniors, and kids when you are away. The security system can help deter a burglar attack. Having a camera footage be an evidential proof and will be easier to nab the culprit.

Take complete control of your home
There were times when you hand over the keys of your house to trusted neighbors when you are on travel. They take care of the pet and water the plants in your garden. But this alone is not enough to keep your home safe from attacks. A home automation system provides complete control of the situation even without your presence. Home technologies have come a long way in terms of carrying your home on your mobile. Watch what is happening inside and outside your home without your physical presence. No more worries about limited access and losing your key.

Home automation systems are growing in popularity due to lifestyle changes. People are putting their trust in automated systems to secure their home than a security guard. With work and travel keeping people away from their home, the automation system is the only way to stay in touch with the happening in your home. Security cameras installed in your home can give your pets and children a feel that they are being monitored. It gives a feel that someone is at home around the clock. The lighting automation and alarm systems are sophisticated means to keep burglars away from your doorstep.