home automation system in Chennai has endless benefits for your lifestyle and living space. One such automation is smart lighting control. With a single tap of a button, you can turn on or turn off any light fixture at your home. You brighten one section of the house and dim another with smart lighting. They also enhance the security of the residence.
These are the apparent advantages of lighting home automation systems. Did you know that your home in Chennai can get much more with smart lights? If you choose tunable lights for your abode, you not only get to adjust the tone and warmth of the lights but also boost your mental and physical health.

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Home Automation Chennai: Tunable Lighting

Tunable lighting technology gives you the freedom to control the colour temperature of a light source. Also, known as variable light or customer temperature lighting, smart lighting utilised different colour temperature LED. Basically, tunable lighting allows a person to change the colour temperature of the lightbulb through a remote or any control system.
Each tunable light comes with a range of colour temperatures which are specified by the manufacturer. Once installed, the owner can pick any colour within the range to mimic mood or natural light.

The Use Of Smart Tunable Light

The primary use of a smart light is balancing the internal body clock. As the day turns, we spend more and more time inside. The improper lighting in homes throws our natural clock out of the loop. It affects our REM sleep. Instead of getting proper rest, we sleep fitfully and wake up feeling tired and unmotivated.
Tunable lighting adjusts the light colour as per the time of the day, which keeps our circadian rhythm in sync.

Benefits of Tunable Lighting

A hybrid light or tunable light copies the pattern of the Sun’s natural light. During the day, when you are waking up, the tunable light radiates warm tones. Thus, helping you wake up fresh and early. Essentially, the lighting fixture imitates the same light as a sunrise.
As the evening comes, tunable lighting changes colour from warm to cooler and begins to simulate the same effect as a sunset. Effectively, they give off candlelight like glow helping you to wind up and get ready for a restful night of sleep.

A Home Automation System In Chennai To Make You More Productive

The most significant reason productivity takes a hit is the lack of adequate rest. The biggest reason for proper rest is the blue light emitted by our gadgets and lighting fixtures at home. That blue light tricks our circadian rhythm in believing that it is still day and not night. Therefore, we have a harder time going off to sleep.

Tunable lights are built to emit warm, yellow light during the evening and night, which brings the circadian rhythm back to balance. With consistent use, the effect of hybrid lights become apparent. You are able to go off to sleep quicker and more relaxed, which translates to waking up refreshed and rejuvenated. In turn, it increases your efficiency and productivity the next day.
Moreover, tunable lights are built to give off bluer and cooler hues which are known to energise the body. This creates a double effect on you. At night, you get complete rest, and during the morning the blue light makes you more alert and focused than ordinary lights.

Mental Impact of Home Automation

The beauty of smart lights is that they don’t just impact the physical wellbeing. When your home in Chennai is equipped with lighting home automation, your mental health is also affected for the positive.

  • You think more clearly.
  • Your brain is ready to take on any task.
  • You are inspired more.
  • You are relaxed and free of stress.

Utilising Smart Lights At Home

The reason for installing tunable white lights at home can vary. Some can choose them for the excellent ambience they evoke (think warm, buttery tones during winter nights and bright, sharp tone on summer mornings) and others can pick them for the health paybacks.
When it comes to where the smart home automation system can be utilised, the answer is legion. From the kitchen to the study to the living room, tunable lighting is apt for almost any room of the home. Furthermore, the home automation feature is not limited to residences in Chennai; hybrid lights can just as easily be installed in:

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Classrooms
  • Retail Stores
  • Healthcare facilities

At Delfin, as a renowned provider of home automation Chennai highly recommend tunable lighting. We have seen first hand the difference they make. They not only upscale the décor of your smart home but also benefit your lifestyle. Remember, don’t knock it until you try it!

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