Security systems for homes are one of the oldest and most accepted technology in home automation in Chennai. CCTVs and locks have been available in the market for decades now. For years, these security systems have kept your abode and loved ones safe. Now, with new technology, the systems have become smarter!

What Does A Smart Security System Include?

Electronic doors, motion sensors on windows, surveillance cameras are the obvious elements of a security system. But with smart home automation, the security system can:

  • Control the lights of your home
  • Motorise the shades and curtains on the windows

With high-end systems, you can even mimic the daily routine of the house to make it seem as if it is occupied while you vacation elsewhere. These were the physical protection features of a smart security system. With modern home automation, a person can keep an eye on:

  • Environmental dangers like flooding
  • Infrastructural issues of the home

From power fluctuations to extreme temperatures to pollutants inside the house, a smart security system gives you absolute peace of mind. It ensures that the household runs like a well-oiled machine even when you are not there. Here are some examples of how smart home automation makes your life more convenient.

You Get Updates In Real-Time:

With intelligent security, you can get updates on your home irrespective of where you are. From the office or on the road or a sunny beach, through your mobile, you can keep an eye on your house at all times. Worried if the trusted dog walker took your furry legged friend for a walk? Open the app on your mobile and check. Wondering if you closed all the doors and windows before you left for work? Open the app on the smartphone and check in real-time.

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Interconnect Camera Of All Gadgets At Home:

When you think of home security, you imagine cameras and CCTVs, but with smart home automation in Chennai, you can even connect the built-in lenses of other gadgets at home like the intercom. How does it help you? Let’s say you are in the kitchen preparing the next meal, and the kids are in their room. Instead of going to their room to check-up you can use the interconnected TV to get visual on them! And if you are not at home, then you can use your mobile phone or tablet to do the same. By connecting all the gadgets at home to the security system, you can get quick confirmation of why an alarm went off or a sensor was tripped.

Take Corrective Action Through The Security System:

The beauty of smart security system is that they do more than be your eyes and ears. An automated system can receive a command or message from you for simple things like turning on the light of the main gate or remotely lock all the doors and windows of the home.

Just like the system sends an alert message to you, you can send a message to the system. This feature allows you to take corrective action, regardless of whether you are at home or far, far away from it. A secure remote connection is exceptionally beneficial because it comes in handy when you forget to perform the little, everyday tasks like locking the front door.
Furthermore, because the smart system allows you to alter the settings from a phone or tablet, it gives you the freedom to let houseguests enter or leave home even when you are not there.

Unlocking The Potential Of 360-Degree Protection With Home Automation In Chennai

Some of the latest technologies in home automation come with cameras that notify the homeowner when a knick-knack goes missing. Take, for instance, an heirloom displayed on the side table is taken away for cleaning and not replaced within a set time. The security system will record the event and send you a message. This feature lets you specify the time period before you get an alert. In short, the system becomes your eyes and ears 24×7.

When you utilise home automation in Chennai, you unlock the potential of holistic protection. From subtle things like turning off the light come dawn to major steps like alerting the police in case of a breach, a smart security system can do it all for you.

Take the step to integrate your home in Chennai with smart devices. As a leading home automation company in Chennai, we have a package that fits your budget and home size. If you already have a security system, then Delfin will install a protection plan that complements the existing system. If you don’t have any security features, then Delfin will install a protection plan that encompasses every corner of the house.

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