Automation is like a sweet addiction, where if one tastes the benefits, it becomes hard to stop. There are endless possibilities to get one start with the automation ideas.
If you are looking for some of the best Chennai home automation ideas, then be prepared to select from many options. Chennai is known for some of the home automation innovations and most of the homes look perfect and very unique.
Let’s take a look at some of the best home automation ideas.

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Light Automation Ideas

The most commonly used smart product at home is the lights. You can experiment in many ways like:

  • Wake up light increases quality of sleep – It is sure you would have come across the wake-up light brought by Philips. It works in a way that the lights get slowly brighter until your alarm goes off. One would just need a Philips hue light or a dim smart light for it will increase gradually before your time of waking up.
  • Dimming lights at bedtime – If you are planning for wake up light, then you sure must consider the dimming lights as well. The dim lights make your body ready and adjust for bedtime. So you will need a smart dim light or a switch to control various lights at once.
  • Letting Kids know its bedtime – This is one of the smartest invention ever. It is a huge helping hand for parents especially with small kids, where they know the struggle of kids waking up too early. With the help of RGB Smart light automation, one can turn the light to red from 4 am to 7 am. It can then be turned green from 7 am to 9 am. This way the kids will know the right time to wake up.
  • Turning the lights off when there is no motion – This is best suited for places like a garage or basement. These are the places where one usually forgets to turn off the lights. But with the help of motion sensors they will automatically get off if motion is absent for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Hallway night lights or automated bathroom – How nice it would be when one enters the bathroom and the light turn on. A door sensor or a motion sensor in the bathroom can help you with your dream. At night the bathroom or the hallway light would be turned dim so that the brightness would not affect you. And in the morning, it would be turned back to its normal brightness.
  • This can be set up with the help of a smart light switch or a smart light and a motion sensor. When the sensor is triggered after 11 pm, the power of the light would be turned to 1%. And if there is absence of motion, the lights will automatically turn off.
  • Turning the kitchen light on the motion – If you got an active digestive system, you will surely know the struggle of waking up in the middle of night to grab a quick snack from the kitchen. Turning the kitchen light dim would surely be helpful as you will not lose your sleep and also your work of eating would be completed.
  • Alert when it is about to rain – If it is going to rain, you can change some of the lights of the house to turn blue so that it could alert you about the rain and you can get all the outdoor work done without getting wet.
  • Cooling the house at night time – A ventilation system works best to cool your house at night. Based on the inside and outside temperature, you can allow the cold air from outside into the house during the night time. This can be done with the aid of Ecobee 4.
  • AC can be used to lower humidity – If you are facing any problem due to humidity, then with the help of air conditioning, you can lower the humidity level.
  • Garage door can be opened by Carbon Monoxide – Placing a carbon monoxide or a smoke detector in the garage is the best and the smartest idea ever. If you have a smart garage door, then you can make it safer by opening it. Automatically when carbon monoxide is detected at a higher level.
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