The Value Of Office Automation

Everyone accepts that the current marketplace is extremely crowded. If a business wants to stand out, they need to squeeze every advantage possible. This implies making smart use of time and resources. It also means offering your employees every potential tool to get their work done productively, swiftly and with bare minimum trouble.
This is where office automation technology steps in. It can provide your business with the edge it needs to stay ahead of the curve and make the most profit. Of the many systems available in the market, conference room automation is indispensable for any business in Chennai.
Let’s say you have a meeting planned where a team is going to work on a lengthy presentation. Part of the team is working remotely. The very last thing your business needs at this point is technology causing an issue. For example, the Wi-Fi glitches or the TV screen stops working. In such a case, the entire meeting goes for a toss.
With conference room automation, such hindrance doesn’t arise. Let’s take a look at how automation can be a blessing for your business.

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Automation Makes Conference Meetings Easier

Planning a conventional conference meeting is not easy. First, you have to manually find a time where every member of the team is free. Then you have to connect the device of each person. This again has to be done by a person. Finally, when the conference is about to start, you have to agonise over passwords or PIN. This is sure and pure wastage of time – time that could be better spent working.

With conference room automation in Chennai, meetings become easier, quicker and less frustrating. The system organizes the entire meeting, and with one touch, it connects each member of the team simultaneously. You not only connect with everyone in a matter of seconds but are also linked to any tech you will use during the conference.

  • Single Control Audio-Video

Generally, businesses use several TVs and sound systems for a conference call. This means the audio and video of each gadget is controlled separately. Let say one of the TV stops working, or the wire of a speaker refuses to attach. In such a circumstance, the entire meeting is disturbed. With automated systems comes distributed audio-video, which allows you to stream both audio and visual content from a single source.
How does that help you? You don’t have to find a room adequately equipped with sufficient gadgets when you have a presentation lined up for a potential client. You don’t have to worry that each member of the conference can hear the person speaking because the wireless speaker system ensured it.

  • Fewer Wires, More Connectivity

The average employee is not tech-savvy. They can operate a laptop like a pro but hand them a bunch of wires to connect a speaker, projector and system and they are lost. Think about it. Your business has a crucial meeting set up in an hour. You tell your star employee to set up the PowerPoint presentation in the conference room so that it is projected on a flat-screen.
Like every person, the employee is clueless about which wire or cable goes where. And before you can call an IT guy to set it up, the client is there and the meeting has to be started. You end up showing the PPT on a small laptop instead of the flat screen. Not very impressive, is it?
Now if your conference room had an integrated automated system, this problem would not have occurred. With automated systems, every device is connected wirelessly. There is no requirement to attach cables! All it takes is a press of a button, and your PPT is displayed on as many screens as you want.

Automated Systems Give You Better Internet Connection

The single most drawback businesses face during video conference calls is a poor internet connection. When a number of people and the number of gadgets connected to the Wi-Fi is high, the signal overload. Add to it the HD video call and the strength of the internet weakens to a level that the meeting becomes disruptive.
Automated conference solutions come with wireless access points. These points make sure that every corner of the conference room gets a Wi-Fi signal and with a booster system, they also guarantee that the signal never weakens!
All in all, businesses in Chennai should embrace automation. These systems take care of the non-essential aspects of running a business, leaving you and your employees to focus on essential matters.

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