Front view of the responsive tabletop touch control gadgetThe term home automation lets you control devices in your from anywhere using your smartphone or a similar device. When it comes to home automation, you can control almost everything such as lights, electrical outlets, appliances, cooling and heating systems, etc. that can be controlled using a remotely controllable network. Notably, home automation systems also includes alarm system, doors, locks, windows, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and other sensors. Recently, automated central controlling of all the systems in a building has been made possible and is deployed across commercial buildings as well as expensive homes.

As your home is precious and valuable, you need to take efforts to prevent hazards and protect it at all times. As it is not possible to be at your home always, it is important to make sure that everything is secure even in your absence. Home automation has been existent for quite some time but it went to the next level with the popularity of smartphones and Wi-Fi. The progress in technology has made it affordable and more convenient to control the products at home. Now, it is possible to control all the appliances at home with just a few taps on your smartphone. You might think that it is something that can happen only in science fictions but it has progressed to become reality now.

Controlling Home Automation Has Never Been This Easy

Unlike before, the popularity of Wi-Fi and smartphones, it is possible to control equipments and appliances at your home from a remote location. You can also monitor the security of your home with home automation. Well, you can control home automation using the following ways,

  • Monitor your home security
  • Answer the door
  • Control home electronics
  • Adjust your thermostat
  • Water plants
  • Get real-time updates on levels of smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Feed fish
  • Lock the door
  • Control lights and blinds

All you need to do is just download and install the necessary apps and software on your smartphone or other smart device and control your home automation from anywhere in the world.

Control Lights, Blinds, Thermostat and More With a Few Clicks on Your Phone

Side view of the smart home automation gadget deviceWhat if you rushed to work in the morning and don’t remember if you turned off the TV and lights? Well, you can use home automation apps and software on your smartphone to keep a tab at what’s happening at home and also turn the electronics and other smart devices on or off from a remote location. You can switch off the TV, lights and other electronics to help in cutting down the unnecessary energy consumption. If you failed to adjust the thermostat before leaving your house, you will end up paying a hefty energy bill. This is where the smart thermostats are helpful as you can control them conveniently with a few taps on your smartphone.

To your surprise, there are apps that can work in partnership with a multitude of products from different manufacturers. These apps let you control multiple devices at once thereby giving you a great level of convenience and simplicity. Basically, your smartphone is the key here as the device will help you monitor and control everything at home using the automation technology.

It’s Possible to Control Home Security From a Remote Location

Besides letting you operate the smart devices such as lights, thermostat, and electronic products, you can also use home automation for the security of your home. Imagine you are on a vacation and you won’t be at home for a few days. In such situations, you can have an eye on the security of your home with this technology. Well, you can answer your door right from your smartphone with a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell camera through a video chat with the visitors. If you are expecting important packages, you can let the delivery personnel know that they can drop the parcel at your doorstep and it is completely safe.

In addition to answering the door, you can also lock the door in case you forgot to do it before you left your home. If you are concerned about unlocked doors, you can simply get it locked from your smartphone. There are apps and software that can be used as a virtual spare key, so you do not have to hide the key next time.