A home theatre is an experience. It can’t be offered out of a box. It requires insights from you, your home and your family. Delfin, leading home automation company in Chennai, now offers home theatre solutions that fit like a glove for years. We are the sole video and audio assistance company in Chennai who factor in your preferences. When we provide an audio-video solution, we know:

  • The size of the room
  • The placement of windows
  • The luminance levels
  • The movies you love
  • The music you prefer
  • Who else gets to access the system like young kids

Each element is thought over carefully to ensure that you get precisely the best experience you want, be it a casual family home theatre or a professional screening room.

We move beyond home theatre installation services and tender professional Audio-video solutions for resto-bars, pubs, auditoriums, coffee shops, commercial workspaces like conference rooms, etc.. Our singular aim is to create a tailored theatre or audio-video room that brings your dreams into reality.

Home theatre system

Chennai's Best Home Audio Video Solutions – Bringing Beauty To Life

Delfin makes the impossible possible. Our award-winning technicians know how to get things done, magnificently.

Home theater installation

Home Theatre Installation - Visualising

The finest home theatre product in Chennai for you is the one that meets your dream. So, before we get to your house, we get into your head. Delfin helps you look for the greatest system to match your penchants  and your economics

modern brown and blue home theater with two fashion armchair - rendering

Audio Video Solutions – Room Treatment & Acoustics

An astounding screen is vital. You know that. But what we know is that right acoustics and world-class seating are just as essential. Delfin ensures that your home theatre is more than fantastic. We make it sublime.

Home Theatre Service – Your Kingdom

A tap or two – that’s all it takes to bring a matinee to life in your home with our theater systems. We make certain that you rule your kingdom with ease – by programming the product to the last inch.

Exceptionally Profound Home Theatre Installations in Chennai

Delfin never takes any shortcuts. Every home theatre design & installation project comes with unsurpassed engineering. But don’t take our word for it, rather look at our project portfolio and get to see how we have transformed homes in Chennai.

Popular Home Theatre Solutions in Chennai– The Best In The Industry

We are the preferred home theatre service provider in Chennai, with employees who are experts in installing :

  • Dolby Atmos Theatres
  • Subwoofers
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Media Player
  • Multichannel Dolby Surround Speaker System
  • High-end professional Stereo System
  • Acoustics & Sound Treatment
  • Processors and Control Systems
  • Elite screens
  • Speakers

Acoustics Matter

  • At Delfin, we know the trick to great home theatres. It is the acoustics of a room. Fantastic sounding home theatres come not just from superior speakers or the quality of the audio content, they are birthed from the acoustics of a room.
  • Our engineers make sure that you understand the importance of Acoustics and Sound Treatment along with the product you pick.
  • No more dead theatre rooms. When our sound engineers install the system, the right set of products are used to make the room lively, dynamic and cut down all extraneous noises. We give you a theatre that offers crystal clear sound.
  • Accurate, efficient, eco-friendly, affordable and professional design are just some of the benefits you get with Delfin home theatre acoustic space installations
Home theatre solutions

Home Audio Video Installations

  • Delfin is the best home theatre system company in Chennai that provides exceptional custom solutions.
  • Our installations of home theatres utilise state of the art speakers and surround sound systems.
  • We follow the protocols and design standards proposed by THX or similar certification body.
  • For an out-of-body experience that encompasses the whole house, we cater to:
    • Entire home audio installation
    • Multi-channel surround sound setup referred to Dolby standards
    • Dolby Atmos setups
    • Best in class Stereo setups
    • Soundbars
    • Wireless speaker setups
  • Aesthetics are our forte. When we are done with the installation, not a single naked wire or cable will be visible. We tuck away every little cord to bring beauty to your home

Projector Installations

  • Technical know-how is mandatory for home theatre or projector installation. At Delfin, we guarantee that our knowledge is always up to date with technology. We aid you in choosing the right projector for your needs and installing them correctly.
  • A single factor unheeded and installing a projector can go awry. Delfin comprehends this completely. We pay minute attention to every element of the system for proper installation, ranging from placement of the speakers to the location of the projector.

Outdoor Audio Installation

The latest in audio-video solution is outdoor speakers that can create an oasis of beautiful sound. They make for a perfect addition to any outdoor space. Use them for a backyard party or for some R&R in your patio. At Delfin, we can install outdoor speakers that are connected to the ones inside a home. A unified speaker system that blasts the same song in every corner of the house that’s what Delfin provides. We offer you the freedom to enjoy your entertainment system to the last inch.

We even keep your neighbours in mind while installing the system. Therefore, our engineers give you complete control over the volume of the speakers. An integrated control system is added to the speakers so that regulating the volume is as simple as a touch of a button. So, what are you waiting for? Get your entertainment system on and start partying. Contact us today to know more about the options we offer when it comes to in-wall speaker systems.


Get your entertainment system on and party started.Contact us today to know more about the options we offer when it comes to Home Audio Solutions in Chennai.