A home theatre can really deliver the performance that you expect it from only when you provide the right acoustic properties in the room where it is installed. You might focus a lot on the brand of speakers and not on the efficiency of the receiver or the quality of the soundtrack. And, in many cases, the acoustics of the room is overlooked. In fact, it is easier to shop for electronics but tough to spend a lot of time on getting the perfect acoustics needed for the right experience from the home theatre system.

Home Audio Solutions Chennai Take Room Dimensions into Consideration

To deliver the ideal acoustics, it is important to understand the physical room dimensions as well as its shape as these are important parameters. Notably, big rooms will need a more powerful amplifier and speakers. But remember that bigger speakers aren’t always better in terms of delivering the desired output.

Parallel walls aren’t favorable for good acoustics as the create standing wave patterns. But in reality, rooms have parallel walls. And, if you decide to adhere to this rule, then you will end up having a room with a weird shape.

The other notable aspect is that corners are bad for the perfect acoustics. Corners create an uneven bass response. But if a room shouldn’t have corners, then it should have a spherical or circle shape with a dome ceiling. But this isn’t possible for all the practical room designs and that is the reason that you should consider using bass traps at the corners of the room.

It’s almost impossible to get an absolutely perfect room configuration; you always have to make practical compromises. So the list below is intended to be a “menu” of options from which you can choose what best fits your needs. Read them over, figure out what you think you might incorporate into your room, and go from there.

Acoustic Treatment Isn’t Overlooked by Best Home Audio Solutions Chennai

For good acoustics, the echoes should be prevented within the room. This is different from the amount of sound that is audible outside of the room. The best home theatre installation services Chennai understand that it is impossible to design a room to be ideal for both 7.1 channel home theatre and 2-channel stereo music configurations. Hence, you need to choose one of these. These are not the only ones to focus on when you need the perfect acoustics. Here we have listed some of the notable aspects.

  • modern brown and blue home theater with two fashion armchair - rendering60% to 70% of the surfaces should be covered in acoustic absorption material
  • Right acoustic fiberglass material should be used
  • The front wall of the room should be acoustically dead
  • Air gap behind acoustic panel and wall
  • Additional panels placed randomly in the room
  • Bass traps in the corners

The best home audio solutions in Chennai do make sure these things are taken care of for a good home theatre experience.

Sound Isolation Outside of the Room is Handled by Home Audio Solutions Experts in Chennai

It could be annoying if the someone else outside of the room can listen to the content that you watching. This is handled by the experts by providing sound isolation room design outside of the room. To minimize the same, three key aspects have to be taken into consideration – mass, vibration control and rigidity of the walls, ceiling and floors. If all these are taken care of properly, then it is possible to prevent the sound inside the room from being audible outside of the room.