If you installed a home theatre in the appropriate manner, then it is definitely a worthy upgrade. With the increasing cost of movie tickets, you can have the best experience at your home with the home theatre. However, it is not as simple as you think to install a home theatre. You need to invest your efforts, time and money to set up the right home theatre. If you happen to mess up with the installation process, then you will not be able to get the best movie-watching experience despite having the most expensive equipment.

Enhancing view of a theatre room of the Smart Home automated by Delfin Automation Systems

You need to research or consult experts at the best home theatre system company to get an insight regarding home theatre installation and avoid the common mistakes. If you want to do it yourself, you can be assured of the best experience just by making sure that you avoid the common pitfalls. Some common mistakes to avoid while installing a home theatre system are,

  • Picking the wrong room
  • Buying the wrong speakers
  • Cutting corners on wiring and cables
  • Choosing the wrong display size
  • Ignoring the position of the door

Home Theatre Solutions in Chennai Focus on Positioning and Wiring

The most common mistake when it comes to opting for the home theatre installation services is overlooking the positioning of the speakers. Usually, the surround speakers have to be positioned close to the screen but not too close to the floor. As the low frequency speakers are directionless, you should not place them close to corners or walls of the room. Avoid the speakers within cabinets as these will degrade the volume and sound quality.

Another mistake that people tend to do is in the wiring and cabling. In an attempt to create the right connections, you might mess up the cables and lock them up. This creates additional work and also doesn’t give an appealing look. So, ensure that the cables and wires are organized. One way you can do this is by color coding them so that it is easier to track them.

Home Theatre Installation Chennai Will Focus on Room Size and Lighting

Enhancing view of a theatre room of the Smart Home automated by Delfin Automation Systems

To enjoy the best and desired experience from the home theatre system, it is important to choose the right type of room. You should choose a room that will offer the best sound experience, picture quality and simple and easy wiring. The room should have minimal natural light as too much lighting will give a washed out effect. The room should be spacious enough so that there is enough space between the audience and the screen. After all, a comfortable seating arrangement and an appropriate viewing distance are important factors for the best user experience.

An ideal home theatre should have a high-quality screen or TV, acoustic panels, minimal natural light, optimal viewing distance and 3D surround sound. But there is another important factor, which is usually overlooked. Well, it is the position of the door. When you are designing your room for a perfect home theatre experience, make sure the path to the door doesn’t obstruct your viewing. It is important to position the door in such a way that viewers need not come in front of the display if they have to step out of the room.

User Manuals Are Overlooked During Home Theatre Installation Chennai

It is quite common for people to overlook the user manuals that are bundled in the retail box of any product let alone home theatres. Make sure that you take a look at the user manuals that come along with the home theatre system to understand how it should be set up. If you have decided to install the product on your own, then you have to be well versed with the home theatre installation services and processes. Refer the manuals to avoid any mistakes as the right cable connections and full proof wiring are very important for the proper functioning of the home theatre system.

It is recommended that you seek the help of home theatre installation services Chennai for the best experience. They will handle the setup for you and mount the speakers carefully. With professional help from the experts at home theatre installation services Chennai, you can definitely avoid the mistakes and get the desired results.